Things wedding planners and day-of coordinators do that you

may not notice but that make all the difference.

  • As you plan one of the most anticipated events of your lives, you may find yourself under a pile of checklists and in need of guidance. There are so many choices to make, appointments to show up to, and you aren't familiar with many of the vendors you're doing your research on.


    Then again...


    You may already have most of your vendors booked, be a pro at keeping everything organized under special tabs, and have a vision in place with the execution in the works. Yet... You can't help but wonder if dad will remember to confirm that the cake made it to the reception and if mom will have enough time to ensure boutonnieres are pinned on all the guys (and correctly placed on their LEFT lapel) before they arrive at the ceremony. How can you be sure everything will go as you've planned?

    If you resonate with either of these scenarios, you could greatly benefit from the help of either a wedding planner or a day-of coordinator but, there are a few extra little perks that sometimes go unnoticed.


    Today, we are listing out just a few of these reasons because they are great examples of why hiring help is always a good idea:

    • Connections
      Pros know who’s who in the industry. If a planner stands behind certain vendors, it's because they've most likely worked with those vendors before and know they are reliable.


    • Save money
      Apart from certain vendor discounts, you can avoid costly mistakes. Certain services or items may seem like a deal at first glance, but a planner knows when saving money upfront may end up more costly in the long run. 


    • Creative block
      We all hit creative blocks sometimes. Planners are professional problem solvers and are there to offer solutions to things that you may not have an answer to.


    • Freedom
      Keep a life outside of wedding planning and enjoy your engagement. A wedding planner will guide you through the planning process so you don't find yourself buried under an endless to-do list.


    • Logistics
      A wedding planner handles all the logistics of your wedding so you can focus on the fun stuff.


    • Execution
      The struggle is real when you have a vision but don't know how to execute it. Wedding planners and designers are pros at making sure your vision is brought to life.


    • Peace of mind
      No questions on your wedding day because your planner's got it covered. Need we say more?


    • Timing
      Your planner will work on your wedding day timeline with you and make sure vendors have a copy and stick to the schedule on your wedding day.  


    • Guests
      Your wedding planner will most likely double as a host so rest assure that your guests will be well taken care of on your wedding day.


    • Valuables
      Whether its your gifts or your personal belongings, your planner will make sure your things are picked up and moved to a designated area at the end of the night.


    • Mishaps
      No matter how much planning goes into a wedding, they happen! Isn't it good to know you have a team of people there to handle things that may need fixing?

    There you have it! Just a little taste of all the wonderful perks of hiring help. So, then, what's the difference between us and the coordinator your venue offers? How early should you hire your wedding planner or day-of coordinator?

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