Using a mood board from the start will allow you to work with your vendors to create a well-balanced combination of all things YOU.

  • So you've narrowed down the answers to your questions. You're left with a story, your favorite colors, hobbies, fabrics, etc. Time to pick all the things, right? Not quite yet.

    Remember, we are focusing on taking things one detail at a time. So, today, we will start with the feelings you have chosen to share with your loved ones.

    Let's say you've chosen romance as that feeling. You can easily take this in more than one direction so take a moment to describe the type of romantic vibe you have in mind.


    In adventurous spirit of April, we will take on the role of a couple with a love of travel. Perhaps they'd use the description of a wanderlust romance and use adjectives such as tender yet adventurous. You almost want to be poetic about this as it will make the vision much easier to communicate to your vendors.

    As you think about these adjectives, try exploring different shades and tones from your list of colors. Common color choices for brides are pinks or reds and common colors for grooms are blues or greens. As we think about a tender yet adventurous, wanderlust romance, we begin the search for imagery that evokes the emotions that we've just described.


    It is not necessary to use searches like "adventurous wedding" or "wanderlust wedding". Try searching for imagery based solely on color. Notice how certain images make you feel. Do they evoke the emotion you're looking for? 


    We will give you some time to work on this. Once you've chosen a photo, you'll be able to use it to work on a color palette. Stay tuned to learn how.⁣


    In the meantime, here's the image we've chosen:




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