New adventures often come sprinkled with a hint of fear but, once you ease into it, you usually learn something new and, before you know it, you’re having a great time!

  • Easing into wedding planning “one step at a time” sounds easy but you may not be surprised to learn that most couples come to us caught under a pile of Pinterest boards, bridal magazines, huge wedding planning binders, etc. asking where the heck to start. That’s because their wedding planning process usually started out a little like this:

    1. Say “Yes”

    2. Call the fam and friends, get that ring on camera and post it using #isaidyes

    3. Dig up the “Dream Wedding” Pinterest board and get to pinning

    Now, those impulses are totally normal but, number 3 is one of the biggest culprits behind overwhelm and it's not the action itself but the timing.

    If the first thing you do is start browsing other weddings, the vision for YOUR day becomes blurred. Our two cents? Don’t get ahead of yourself. Get to know your vision first.

    YOU are the inspiration. The first thing we do as your wedding planner or designer get to know you. We dive into who you are as individuals and as a couple and we suggest you do the same.

    Take a good look at your love story because it is unique to you and you can incorporate it throughout your day so that your wedding is true to you and not just a copy of someone else’s.

    Start by sitting together and analyzing your likes and dislikes. Having a clear understanding of what those are will help you start on a mood board of your own. But wait, pump the breaks, don’t go Googling how to put together a mood board just yet.

    Remember... to avoid overwhelm, it’s best to take this process one step at a time.

    For now, focus on answering the key questions below and keep visiting us here for more direction as to how to put these questions to good use when creating a mood board.

    • Write out a detailed account of your love story.

    • What is your favorite part of your love story? Why?

    • Write out 5 adjectives to describe your wedding.

    • What are your favorite colors or color combinations? Why?

    • What are your least favorite colors? Why?

    • How do you like to spend your vacation time?

    • What are your favorite foods?

    • What are you least favorite foods?

    • Write out your top priorities for your guest experience.

    • What is your favorite piece of furniture or art at home? Why?

    • What are your favorite fabrics or textures?

    • What designers are in your wardrobe? Where do you shop?

    • What are your favorite flowers?

    • What are your least favorite flowers?