The art of simplicity begins during the planning process. Overwhelm melts into an effortless experience when you're given the right tools.

  • Keeping some files saved to your laptop, other important docs stored in Google Drive, design ideas screenshot on your phone, tons of Pinterest boards and budgets in excel can easily become overwhelming and disorganized. Our powerful cloud-based platform facilitates collaborating with us, friends, family and vendors seamlessly by keeping everything in one place.


    The client lounge allows us to guide you through the wedding planning process using an array of interconnected tools. Although the tools we use together may vary depending on the experience you book us for, here is a little insight into what to look forward to.


The Master Checklist is basically used as a GPS during the planning process.


We will assign certain items to you and you can assign items to anyone you invite to collaborate on your wedding (mothers, fathers, maid of honor, best man, etc). 


Comments can be added to individual checklist items with updates or questions to keep communication clear and easy to find.


Goals are set in the budgeting tool at the beginning of the planning process and adjustments can be tracked as purchases are made so you stay within budget.

The payment scheduler and auto reminders keep everything visual in the calendar to avoid any payments slipping through the cracks.


The guest list manager keeps track of each invitation, all guests included, children, anonymous guests, RSVPs, meal choices, food allergies, gifts, thank you notes – practically anything you can think of to ensure you are providing the absolute best experience for your guests.


This tool fully integrates with the interactive seating chart.


The vendor management tools keeps track of your booked and pending vendors. Related files such as contracts can be uploaded, contact information and invoices can be entered as well as payment breakdowns that will automatically add to your budget and calendar for easy reminders.


Self explanatory but worth mentioning is the notes section. Digging through different planners and notebooks, your phone or emails is unnecessary.


From the Music List to the Honeymoon Packing List, you can create or upload extra notes in this section so you always know where to find them.


Some checklist items will have due dates. Items with due dates will appear on your calendar, notification center and in email reminders. 


You can also link the calendar to your Google calendar and receive notifications right on your phone!


Timelines are customized by adding additional dates if necessary, special notes and assigning responsible parties.

Changes made to your timeline are updated across-the-board so everyone is always looking at the most recent version.


When it's time to share, filtering for family, friends or vendors is easy. Print or save as a pdf and you're ready for any meeting.


The groups feature from your guest list is linked to the interactive seating chart so, when you group family or work friends in your guest list, the interactive seating chart uses those groups to assist in keeping a fabulous ambiance at every table.

The venue can be mapped to scale by either drawing or uploading the site map. This makes laying out your ceremony, cocktail hour and reception easy so everyone knows exactly where everything goes.


Like a mini Pinterest built right into your client lounge, this is where we define the vision for your wedding.


The Design Studio gives you the tools to:

  • Browse tons of real local and editorial inspiration

  • Create Style Guides (i.e. "Boards" in Pinterest lingo)

  • Create color palettes

  • Share interactive links to your boards

  • Make comments on each picture

  • Have conversations with us directly within each board